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  • Testimonials

    Game Change Rio is a really great project and an excellent way to reach out to the youth, now you just need to add a social business idea to it. Mohammed YunnusFounder of the Grameen Bank, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Making complex simulations accessible to a broad range...

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  • The idea behind the game

    Game Change Rio does not aim to change the world on its own. But it offers a great way to engage with the complexities facing our planet today. Based on a huge array of real-life data, players can explore the countless options to ruin our world for future generations...

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  • Game Change Rio: Ruin the World or Save our Planet?

    Zurich, Switzerland, 15 May 2012 – A Facebook game with a difference is being launched this week: Players can ruin the world or save our planet by opting for choices based on real-world data that has not been publicly available so far. The game aims to mobilise people to...

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