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    While mobile apps are growing exponentially year after year, football is no exception. To help you get a clearer picture, here are five football apps that you probably don’t know yet and that should be coming out as a reference soon. All available on Apple Store and Google Play.


    How to make an article about apps that will change the daily lives of football fans without telling you about Benchr, the first app to give voice to fans, live. In front of your match on TV, react to the facts of the game, evaluate the players, and measure your analysis with those of the other Benchrs. Find the events of your favorite teams from the five major European football championships: France, Spain, Italy, England, Germany. Many features are already available: free prognostics, scoring goals, evaluating the players ‘ performance, requesting or validating a change, proposing its pre-game composition, live access to detailed player statistics, and many more are coming soon.


    At a time when statistics are increasingly present in the professional world, the phenomenon has not yet affected amateur football. This is precisely the location of the Tonsser app, initially launched in Denmark and which is starting to be quite successful in France with more than 115,000 players registered. Its principle: to become the reference database of the amateur world by allowing players of all ages and levels to enter their game after game statistics. One of the strengths of the app is its total coverage of the Amateur Championships, after each encounter, a notification with the result is sent to the players of both teams.

    The app even has some social network features like posting videos of its best actions. Eventually, Tonsser hopes to become a real tool for recruiters and thus a springboard for young amateurs. They will have better visibility in case of good results. Some recruiters are already interested in the application.

    ” Tonsser can save us time and money ” Matthieu Bideau, director of the recruiting center of FC Nantes.

    Super Football Club

    Super Football Club aims to help us choose which match to watch and to find the best place to watch it. The principle is simple, first of all, the So Foot team selects every day the most exciting matches to follow. Once this first choice made, SFC gives us the TV channels and a list of the best places broadcasting the game. These venues range from the nearby bars to the homes of private individuals organizing a screening among members of the community. It is also, of course, possible to create your event and welcome the community CCC.


    Now let’s talk about an application in the same vein as SFC but this time for players. How many times have we tried to organize a football with friends but had to cancel it because of a lack of players? It is precise to this recurring problem of casual football players that 1ptitfoot answers. The application offers a simple interface to find a match where players are missing quickly, and thus to fill in the match that we organize in case of missing players. In features, it is also possible to create your club and compete against other clubs of his city in 5v5, 7v7 or 11v11. Also, a well-thought-out calendar allows players and clubs to return their availability to set the date and time for everyone.

    Football addict

    This 5th app is perhaps the Least Innovative of our list, but it is not the least in what it brings to the fans. Indeed, it is probably the complete football information app on blinds. It brings together in one platform all the articles about our favorite team by bringing together the content of numerous specialized sites. A true curation tool. In addition to this information, there are many statistics and rankings, as well as photos and videos of matches.


    Benchr is the second screen app for football fans. During the game, you follow, react, share your emotions, and analyze the game with your fingertips.


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