The idea behind the game

  • The idea behind the game

    Game Change Rio does not aim to change the world on its own. But it offers a great way to engage with the complexities facing our planet today. Based on a huge array of real-life data, players can explore the countless options to ruin our world for future generations or save the planet. Once more of us begin to understand the issues involved, we have a better chance of changing the game.

    Game Change Rio gives you access to real-life data that so far has only been available to experts and policy makers. Based on the Millennium Institute’s Green Economy Model, which was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the game includes all relevant sectors of the world’s economy and the natural resources available. All of these elements are linked according to a theory called System Dynamics and effects of policies are seen in their full complexity. The model has over 5,000 indicators, and with the 125 policy cards developed, the game has over 100 million possible outcomes.

    The model demonstrates that efforts to ‘green’ the world’s economy will lead to a higher rate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. Indeed, a green economy is expected to overtake our current, business-as-usual economy (BAU) within ten years. The BAU scenario replicates historical trends and assumes no fundamental changes in policy or external conditions to alter the trends, development benefits in terms of GDP growth and poverty reduction may continue for some time.

    The Green Economy Model is built on the notion that world invests 2 per cent of its GDP in ‘green’ policies. There are added external benefits to such policies: green economies are biased towards economic growth for the poor (through building up natural capital, on which the livelihood of the poor depends.)

    Game Change Rio aims to raise awareness for the issues that need to be addressed if future generations are to enjoy life on this planet and goes on to propose solutions to the problems we are facing.

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